Monday, March 6, 2017

Big Sigh of Relief / Exasperation

Nothing much to report.  I'm still gimping about on this bum ankle.  Running is definitely out for a while.  And that's okay.  I'm not signed up for any running events and I fully intended to do more cycling this year.  I'd started out the year running to try and get a lead on my fitness.  Blew that out of the water.
[Be thankful I refrained from posting the nude pic of my bruised foot]
Anyway, I think I'm just about good to go for some easy mountain biking.  I'm going to give it the rest of this week, but I fully intend to get on the road bike some evenings.  I can't put off the miles any longer.  The Mohican will not wait for me to be ready.
Saturday Mandy and I hiked the Flat Hollow loop to check for storm damage.  On the under construction section of Hillbilly Hayduke there is one large tree and some medium sized trees down which should be easy enough to clear when I get a chance.  I was expecting much more wind damage; I'm thankful it's not worse.
Now that planning for the RRG MTB 100 is in full swing I definitely want to ride.  I'm inspired.  And I'm not even going to be able to race in the derned thing!  
I could go into numbers and such.  I won't.  We had a good first couple of days after registration and then activity has flatlined.  That's okay.  We're still a few months out.
 What is inspiring is hearing my friends talk about their plans to do the race, or get a new bike, or they're stoked to volunteer.  I'm heartened that what we're doing is going to interject plenty of positive energy into the universe.  And that's what I really want to do.

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