Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hump Day Harangue: Ash in the Wind

Well, now we’ve done it.  Registration is open for the Red River Gorge MTB 100.  Hearts and bikes are going to be broken.  The course is tough.  Tough on metal, but especially tough on muscle and sinew, skin and bone.

I haven’t ridden the course in a single push yet.  In fact, it was only last month that I had the final version in mind and mapped.  And the weather and my time and energy have not aligned in such a way to allow me to attempt even a small chunk.  So I need to get out and start racking up the road miles.  I need to harden my legs back up for climbing short and steep and relentless.  I need a Furnace / Cobhill / Patsey / High Rock day.  I need a few of those.  The Mohican is speeding toward me and I am not ready.  I’ll only do the short version—the stumpy Mo—but that will still require some hardening up of the eff.

Registration is open and as of 10:00am the first morning we have over a dozen signed up.  Another race director friend says that’s impressive.  I say that’s simply the magic of the Red River Gorge.  If they come stampeding back next year to do it again then I’ll take some credit. 

The real work begins now.  Very soon I’ll be able to share some artwork for the race and hopefully we’ll be announcing sponsors and partners soon.  Things are coming together and I am less antsy now that we have registration open.  It’s going to be a great race, and I’m not saying that because it was my idea.  This should have happened a long time ago.  I’m just the guy finally pulling the trigger on it.

It was twenty years ago almost to the day that raging storms came through the state, flinging mobile homes about like so much fast food litter and then flooding whatever was left over.  That was a memorable one.  And today we’ve got tornado threats and heavy rains pounding the Bluegrass State.  It’s probably not quite the same intensity, but we’ve got another one of those Spring season hitting us that will likely have us all scratching our heads and patching our roofs.

The ankle is slowly healing.  Probably won’t be back on Ol’ Fatter Than Average for another week but maybe I’ll try to get on the Dogrunner over the weekend and roll some hills.

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