Monday, March 13, 2017

Out of Tune

There's a bluegrass joke about mandolin players spending half their time tuning their instruments and the other half playing out of tune.  I feel that way.  I'm always trying to get myself straightened out or just playing less than what I'm capable of.
I discovered the mandolin too late in life.  I picked up the guitar at fifteen years old.  I knocked around for about fifteen more, but I eventually gave up on it when it was clear I have little musical aptitude.  I love music—don't get me wrong—but I'm either tone deaf or tonally challenged.  The best thing I can say is I have passable rhythm. 
Somewhere around forty years old I tried to learn the mandolin.  I got kids.  I got a career.  I ain't got time to learn the mandolin!  Maybe when I'm an old dude, dude.
Anyway, when I'm not trying to get in tune I'm just running along out of tune.  But I said that. 
Speaking of Bluegrass…I took Bean to Meadowgreen Saturday night to see her favorite band Ma Crow and the Ladyslippers.  As expected they were great.  Lily had a great time.  Fun all around.
Sunday I took the kids (my two, the nephew and friend) to Comic Con.  Nerds unite!  Actually, I implored the children not to touch any of the nerds’ toys.  Last year one of the kids almost touched a Mandalorian’s helmet and I was afraid I was going to have to punch the guy for yelling at my kid.  Don’t bring your toys out in public if you don’t want people to try and play with them.  Someone didn’t learn to share.  But I digress.

My desk decorations...
Proof that I'm no nerd
There seemed to be a lot of cyclists in the Gorge this weekend.  Mandy saw a peloton Friday afternoon going through Stanton and then Bean and I saw a few more cyclists (mostly on mtbs and CX bikes) as we were leaving Tarr Ridge Saturday in the early afternoon.  Bean and I rode out the west side of the 77 trails to check for blow downs from recent storms.  This coming Friday is going to be the first ever Oddball Fridays Red River Gorge group mtb ride. 
I’ve decided it’s time to get in the habit of a regular local ride.  Odd date Fridays seemed easy enough to remember.  Fridays will allow folks coming into town for the weekend as well as locals to participate.  Since the time change was this past weekend it seemed like the very next odd Friday would be a good time to start. 
I had already planned a tour of the Tarr Ridge area for stakeholders on Saturday morning, and we’ll go ahead and do that ride too, but I wanted to get a regular recreational ride going.  It’s one of those things that I think will be key to building community and boosting interest in trails in the area. 
Later in the week I’ll be attending the inaugural Kentucky Trail Town Summit in Morehead.  I was asked to host a breakout session on mountain bike trail development and am looking forward to it.  Hopefully I’ll have a lot to report back on by the end of the week.  Got lots of other things nearing a boil as well and should be an interesting Spring and Summer in the Red River Valley.
Actual LCTC photo dump:
I almost bought this

Almost bough this too

What did you do, Ray?

Even the Mario Brothers gotta eat!


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