Monday, April 24, 2017

I Don't Like Mondays...Or Do I?

I’ve updated my classic Earth Day photo with a quote I saw on a protest sign on social media over the weekend.

The photo was from Earth Day in 2011.  I was commuting home on my cargo bike and saw a traffic jam on I-70 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  I had to stop and take the photo.  For years when I’ve shared it I’ve captioned it simply: “Happy Earth Day!”
The Chainring family may have fallen slightly off the green living wagon over the past few years.  It’s hard to maintain focus when there are so many other things going on in life.  That’s no excuse.  However, I will say that the good strategies that we have continued practicing were ones we had incorporated early and practiced repeatedly.
I’m a chronic unplugger.  And I learned decades ago from my dad to yell at kids for leaving lights turned on in unoccupied rooms of the house.  My family produces as little as a single kitchen bag of garbage in a week and usually only on holidays or when we have a group of people over to the house do we generate more than two or three.
I’m not patting us on the back.  There are still many things we can change to reduce our impact on the environment.  However, I would say we are above average for the US and definitely in the highest percentages of success in our locality when it comes to reducing our energy usage and waste generation. 
This is not a commitment to a renewed or strengthened resolve to be more sustainable and less impactive, but I think it’s time we did start moving in that direction as a family.
The rain over the weekend may have affected the start of construction on the boat access in Clay City, but I’m hoping it wasn’t too much.  More as developments unfold…

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