Monday, April 17, 2017

Rebel, Rebel; Minions in Training

"Great things are afoot."

~ Slartibartfast

We ain't makin' planets, but it feels like we're creating new worlds. "We" is the Cave Run - Red River Gorge Mountain Bike Alliance.  On Saturday Mandy and I and the Training Partner drove to Cincinnati to promote the (rebel) Alliance and the RRG 100 mountain bike race at the REI Outdoor Partners Expo.  They placed us next to the guys from the Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance (CORA) and we had fun getting to know them and talking advocacy and riding.

While it wasn’t the raging membership drive we’d hoped it was a positive step for the (rebel) Alliance and things are looking great.  These are our first steps and so far we’re making steady progress.  In ten years we’ll look back on this time with wistful eyes I’m sure.

After the Expo—at the recommendation of the CORA guys—we drove over to Milford where Mandy rode the Little Miami Trail while Dave and I checked out the Jim Terrell Park trails and some other urban shoehorn trails.  I love stuff like that.  And the little network we rode reminded me vaguely of Capitol View in Frankfort, but even more of a mini-Knoxville Urban Wilderness or the trails I rode in Des Moines last year.  Heck, they were a lot like the trails I pieced together in Colorado in the greenbelts and neighborhoods in some ways even.  But the ecosystems were reminiscent of Tennessee and Des Moines more than the big cow town of Denver.


So that’s got me thinking more and more about what kind of opportunities I could drum up at home if I just put my mind to it.  Problem is my mind is pretty heavy with a million other unrealized schemes.  Priorities man.  So I need minions to go forth and do my work.
One minion--mwah, ha, HA
In related news: the Kentucky Point Series Cave Run race has been “postponed.”  It was supposed to be next Sunday and the plan was to go and promote the hundred mile race and the Alliance full throttle.  I mean, that’s home turf for the Alliance and pretty darn close for our RRG race.  I’m bummed.  I know the locals in Morehead will be bummed, and they had been trying to get more involved with the organizer to boot, so it’s a double disappointment.  With more time we could have easily taken it over and gotten it done. 

Anyway, lots of things are going on.  It’s looking like I may be posting more than once or twice a week in the coming months.  Stay tuned!


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