Friday, May 5, 2017

Ramming Speed Friday: Festive Edition

Its official, the Clay City Riverfest 2017 is on.  This will be the first of hopefully an annual event for the city.  The purpose behind the event this year is to kick off and do a ribbon cutting for the new boat access sites at the city park and at the new park we’re calling Lazarus for Lazarus Powell whom Powell County is named for.
If you’re inclined toward paddlecrafting please come to the Clay City Park on May 29th and help us celebrate this great new opportunity for the city and for our community.  These access points make it possible to do a leisurely hour long paddle around the town with no vehicle shuttle involved.  It’s a truly unique situation which promises to bring new tourism into the city.
In other Chainring news the first ever Cave Run – Red River Gorge Mountain Bike Alliance trail clinic is fast approaching.  For the most part it’s all ready to go and we have a pretty good response.  I’m hoping this will lead to more interest and energy in building new trails in the Gorge area.  With the most recent connection made in Bald Rock progress can move forward with more momentum now.  Maybe by race day the trail network there will be in pretty good shape.  Fingers crossed.



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