Claim Me Not

Many of my trip reports and write-ups describe solo adventuring in various levels of "wilderness."  Even most of my trail building exploits are solo activities.  Self-proclaimed outdoor experts would likely try to dress me down, would decry my behavior, and would denounce me as a card carrying member of the outdoor community.

They'd be wrong in doing so but well within their rights as American citizens.  My advice to you--Dear Reader--is to always know your abilities and limitations.  Take responsibility for your choices.  In whatever you do own the outcomes.  I don't go on my everyday adventures to be comfortable.  I don't go into the woods on my bike or afoot to be assured of the outcome.  I go because I want to learn more about the world and more about myself.  I go to escape the average and mundane dangers of modern society.  Danger and risk are relative.  But regardless, the world can kill you almost anywhere.  In the woods it can be slow and fail to provide an audience.  Do not assume that any activity I describe on this page is risk free or consumable for the masses.  

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